I know you. You are smart, talented and hardworking.

You have a wealth of experience and are good at what you do but you aren’t quite fulfilling your potential. You want to do more, achieve more and you want to live life on your terms. I have been in your shoes. 

With some self-belief and confidence and a personal brand, you can do exactly that. I learned how, and in doing, achieved my career aspirations which included being appointed to C-suite level in a large financial services firm.

I now help female professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe as a Personal Brand and Confidence Coach to help them get more from their careers and more from life. 

I see you

You are smart, talented, with a rich and unique story

….yet you aren’t where you want to be

Working with clients including:

I have worked in large organisations for several years. The one thing I know is that self-confidence and a credible personal brand are the most important assets you can have. 

The belief that you have in yourself and the ability to project that belief is what determines your success. Everything else is immaterial.

I combine my 26 years of corporate experience with my training as a coach to help women believe in themselves and create their own unique personal brand. They learn to take control of their lives, set themselves apart from others, and achieve greater personal and professional success. 

“If you are serious about your career, get Cressida in your corner.” Claire B. 



I specialise in confidence coaching and personal brand work. Coaching and mentoring gives you direct access to me and my years of experience.

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I help you discover who you are, create your unique personal brand and give you strategies to communicate it with impact.

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