Building your own platform – How to authentically self-promote and be your own advocate. 


Before I launched the Chryse Coaching product suite, I completed some market research. I engaged friends, clients, clients of clients and former colleagues and asked them to complete a survey on what was most important to them and what held them back. 78% of respondents admitted that they struggled with self-promotion which they felt had had a negative impact on their careers or held them back in life.

Struggling with self-promotion can come from a number of reasons including general lack of confidence and habitually underrating your performance, a dislike of doing something that feels ‘self-serving’, and a lack of understanding of how to work the system. In some cases, there is also a fear of the backlash that can face women who are seen to self-promote and are therefore seen as being arrogant or exploitative.

Course Description

‘Building your own platform’ encourages you to think about what holds you back, reframe your thinking and then gives you the tools and strategies you need to be able to promote yourself in a way that is authentic to you.

Course Outline

  • The importance of self-promotion and why women struggle to do it.
  • Understanding why you don’t self-promote or are uncomfortable doing it. Changing your mindset.
  • Identifying and building out your niche. What is it you want to be known for? What’s your brand?
  • Skills and qualities audit. What is it you are good at and what should you be promoting?
  • Identification and stakeholder mapping of your target audience. Who are the people that should be hearing your message and be aware of you.
  • The importance of marrying your skills and accomplishments and how these contribute to the organisations wider business goals. Accomplishment’s audit and message crafting.
  • The ‘I’ versus ‘we’ in promotion communications. What’s the right answer?
  • The art of getting others to advocate for you.
  • Subtle self-promotion… to drop in key self-promotion specifics into a conversation.
  • Practical strategies for contributing to meetings and calls. How to get prepared and have the confidence to speak up.
  • Your roadmap to ongoing self-promotion strategies.


Course Coming Soon