Your brand as a business – how to create and wield a powerful personal brand.


The idea of ‘Your brand as a business’ came to me when I was at a low point in my career and personal life in 2017. I started to realise how powerful a personal brand could be. I looked around me and spent time studying women who I thought got it right and also looked at those who got it wrong. I realised that a personal brand had to be carefully curated. Like an art collection. Your brand as a business is about identifying who you are and what you are really about but then looking at yourself objectively and reflecting on what others might see. By thinking of your brand as a business I have found it really brings the concept to life for my clients. It encourages them to think about themselves commercially and recognise the investment and effort that needs to go into creating a personal brand.

Course Description

The ‘Your brand as a business’ programme follows the 7-step framework that I use in the coaching package but in a shorter, bite-size version. You complete the self-examination on identity including your story, your values and your unique qualities which you uncover in the first part of the programme and in the second part, you use the tools and strategies from the coaching programme to build more effective behaviours and communication skills to enable you to bring your brand to life and take it out into the world.

Course Outline

Part One

  • Your Story. Identification of the key transitions in your life and how these have shaped you. How have you become the person you have become?
  • Your Passions. Understanding what is important in your life. What motivates you and what this tells you about yourself and what you offer.
  • Your Skills, professional experience, and qualities. What is it you are good at and what should you be promoting? What has created your credibility. ‘Gravitas’ identification.
  • Your values. Values identification exercise. What is your code of ethics?
  • Your purpose. Why are you here? What impact are you looking to make and for whom? Uncovering the fundamentals of why you do what you do. Mission statement creation.

Part Two

  • CEO of you. If your brand was a business…what would it look like? Visualisation exercises. The greatest female personal brands and why. What a powerful personal brand looks like. Identifying what resonates with you. Action planning.
  • Behavioural review. How your actions and behaviours reflect what you have learned about yourself in part one. 360 feedback opportunity. The importance of action in amplifying your brand. Identifying what needs to change. Action planning.
  • Your communication. The Four Communication styles exercise. 360 feedback opportunity.  What makes an effective communicator and strategies for effective communication. Action planning.
  • Your image. Critical analysis exercise. Why image matters and the ugly truth. Identifying your style. Style archetypes exercise. Identifying what needs to change. Action planning.

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