The Personal Brand Coaching Programme

The Personal Brand Coaching Programme

The concept of a ‘Personal Brand’ has grown in popularity in the last few years. With the rise in social media, how we market ourselves is the subject of many an influencer blog or a You Tube video. This has had unintended consequences. A personal brand has become rather synonymous with our Facebook presence or how we present the best and latest photograph of ourselves on Instagram.

Whilst these may be part of your branding. They are not your brand.

The personal brand journey is about identifying who you are and what you are really about.

It is about your values, your beliefs as well as your skills and capabilities. When you have discovered these, then, and only then can you spend time thinking about your branding strategy and how you go about presenting this to the outside world.

My Personal Brand Coaching is one of the more fun and uplifting of my programmes. It is a series of sessions about you, devoted to you, working out who you are and then we strategize on how you communicate that with impact.

We go through a 7-step process which covers you, your story, your values, your skills and qualities, actions and attitude, communication and image. The 7 steps are grounded in the Chryse Coaching Personal Brand framework ‘Your brand as a business’ which creates a holistic approach to creating your Personal Brand.

The framework comprises 3 elements:

  • Identity

At its core, identity work is about identifying who you are. We build on this to identify your USP (unique selling proposition). I use a combination of coaching and marketing tools to uncover your story and the key transitions in your life. The transitions that have shaped the person you are. We start to build an ‘avatar’ for you and your brand story.  Using a values assessment coaching tool, you also identify and discover the values that are core to you as well as understand the skills and qualities that set you apart from others.  Identity work is steps 1-4 in the process.

  • Behaviour

Now we start to work on how you represent everything you have learned in steps 1-4 to the outside world. Are you representing your true self and your best self in your attitude, behaviour and actions. We look at how your behaviours are either amplifying or detracting from your brand and we course correct accordingly.

We also look at your communication. Communicating who you are and what you about with impact and clarity portrays self-confidence. We discuss your verbal and written communication and the message you give to the outside world be they the pictures you post, the comments you share and the content you write. Behaviour work is steps 5 and 6 in the process.

  • Image

At step 7, the last stage of the process, I spend time with you on ‘Image work’. We review your professional style and your visuals in the office and on video call. We are looking to establish whether the image you project serves you well and ensure that it gives you confidence and amplifies your brand. I use tips and techniques that I learned from my personal stylist to help guide my clients along the way.

By the end of the programme my clients have a clear personal brand and a brand story that they can communicate with impact.

How the programme works and what you get: 

  • We start with a 45-minute scene setting call and discuss you and what success looks like for you. You will get the first workbook in advance of this session which has some questions to work through. We agree the rules of engagement. I use this session to build trust and chemistry prior to module 1 so we can hit the ground running.
  • You will then get 7 x 60-minute coaching sessions either in person or over video call. These follow my 7 step process modules outlined above. We agree the frequency of the 7 coaching sessions in the introductory call. I recommend that some of the sessions in the Personal Brand coaching calls take place fortnightly. I have found this works better with clients encourages momentum. This programme is designed to be more intensive and high energy.
  • Each module comes with your own personal workbook that you will be required to work through. The Personal Brand package has a pretty comprehensive workbook and has a series of questions to answer and exercises to complete in line with the content of the module as well as space for reflection and notes.

The programme runs somewhere between 3 to 6 months depending on the frequency of sessions.